Expandable Apartments at The Heron Featuring ORI's Pocket Closet

The Ori Pocket Closet be the walk-in closet you’ve always wanted, but never had the room for. The first-ever standalone walk-in closet instantly multiplies storage capacity in nearly any space. With a modern design, smooth operation, and effortless control, the Ori Pocket Closet expands to reveal spacious storage when you want it, then contracts to give you back your space for living. It’s the best of both worlds: more storage that takes up less space.

Fold-Down Desk

Open the perfect built-in workstation with a collapsible desk that can be folded down for use.

Expandable Hanging Storage

Never sacrifice your unique fashion sense due to spatial constraints. The Pocket Closet provides ample capacity to accommodate your entire wardrobe collection.

A4 - ORI Pocket Closet 

Studio | 1 Bath | 505 sq. ft.

D1 - ORI Pocket Closet (Moving Only)

2 Bedroom | 1 Bath | 847 sq. ft.

D1 - Pocket Closet (Moving Only) Cover Image

D1 - Pocket Closet (Moving Only)

2 Bed | 2 Bath | 827 sq. ft.

A4 - Pocket Closet  Cover Image

A4 - Pocket Closet

Studio | 1 Bath | 505 sq. ft.