ORI Semi-Furnished & Expandable Apartments at The Heron

The Heron is excited to be one of the first buildings in Chicago to offer Ori Expandable Apartments. Expandable Apartments are dynamic spaces — walls move, and rooms appear and disappear on command, so you get far more than what you see. It’s real estate that lets you live where you want, without sacrificing the space you need.

Why Expandable? 

Traditional apartments are static. Fixed square footage and immobile furniture mean most space is idle most times.  Expandable Apartments change that paradigm by moving walls and lifting beds to expand your floorplan's usable space.

Check out all of the ORI Expandable apartments we have available at the Heron below.

Queen Cloud Bed Sofa Cover Image

Queen Cloud Bed Sofa

Upgrade your apartment with multifunctionality that makes it feel twice as big. Designed to increase usable square footage by creating two rooms – a bedroom and a living room – within the footprint of one space, the Cloud Bed Sofa Edition accommodates a queen bed that descends for rest, relaxation, and sleep and ascends to reveal a modern sofa and living room area.

Pocket Office Cover Image

Pocket Office

The Pocket Office allows users to transform any room into a dedicated workspace with the push of a button. Featuring an entertainment center on the outside, the Pocket Office opens to reveal a natural, textured workstation that evokes comfort, sophistication, and warmth. Designed with maximum productivity and flexibility in mind, the interior boasts two desk options – one for standing and one for sitting – as well as storage and power sources, and room for a standard-size office chair and extra monitors. When a user is finished with work for the day, the Pocket Office closes, transforming into a thin entertainment center, allowing users to create mental and emotional separation from the day’s work.

Pocket Closet Cover Image

Pocket Closet

The Ori Pocket Closet is the walk-in closet you’ve always wanted, but never had the room for. The first-ever standalone walk-in closet instantly multiplies storage capacity in nearly any space. With a modern design, smooth operation, and effortless control, the Ori Pocket Closet expands to reveal spacious storage when you want it, then contracts to give you back your space for living. It’s the best of both worlds: more storage that takes up less space.

Pocket Studio Cover Image

Pocket Studio

The Ori Pocket Studio redefines the idea of compact urban living. Gain the flexibility and versatility you need by having your space adapt to your needs. Along with providing ample storage space, the Ori Pocket Studio allows you to reconfigure your space at the touch of a button, creating a cozy sleeping room when you need it, and opening up the living area when you don’t. The Ori Pocket Studio simulates the functionality of multiple rooms in a single, small, efficient space.