Expandable Apartments at The Heron Featuring ORI's Pocket Office

The Pocket Office allows users to transform any room into a dedicated workspace with the push of a button. Featuring an entertainment center on the outside, the Pocket Office opens to reveal a natural, textured workstation that evokes comfort, sophistication, and warmth. Designed with maximum productivity and flexibility in mind, the interior boasts two desk options – one for standing and one for sitting – as well as storage and power sources, and room for a standard-size office chair and extra monitors. When a user is finished with work for the day, the Pocket Office closes, transforming into a thin entertainment center, allowing users to create mental and emotional separation from the day’s work.

Built-in Executive Desk

Enjoy the luxury of a full sitting and standing desk, without losing an inch of living space. With room for two monitors, plenty of paperwork, a keyboard, a mouse, and much more space will never be an issue.

Media Center

Display your collection of books, plants, treasures, and even include a mounted television on the spacious built-in showcase.


C11 Pocket Office (Medium)

C14 - Pocket Office (Large) Cover Image

C14 - Pocket Office (Large)

1 Bed | 1 Bath | 581 sq. ft.

C11 - Pocket Office (Medium) Cover Image

C11 - Pocket Office (Medium)

1 Bed | 1 Bath | 525 sq. ft.

C8 - Pocket Office (Medium) Cover Image

C8 - Pocket Office (Medium)

1 Bed | 1 Bath | 581 sq. ft.