Expandable Apartments at The Heron Featuring ORI's Pocket Studio

Unlock all the advantages offered by a one-bedroom unit, without compromising on the prime location or the desired lifestyle. Ori Pocket Studio enhances your living experience by providing top-notch amenities from the moment you step in. Ori's Pocket Studio envisions a harmonious environment that exudes comfort, facilitates productivity, and offers an ideal setting for hosting guests. Embrace the concept of this exceptional apartment that genuinely accommodates your needs and desires.

Bedroom Alcove

Effortlessly construct an alcove equipped with a cozy, integrated queen-sized bed, all while maintaining the entirety of your living area, ensuring not a single square inch is sacrificed.

Spacious Closet

Indulge in the luxury of having storage space that is twice the size of a regular apartment and effectively reduce untidiness by utilizing the generously roomy wardrobe.

Pull-out Table

Make space for your workday or a gathering with the versatile and convenient pull-out table that serves multiple purposes.

Media Center

Showcase on the built-in display, with space for books, plants, treasures, and a 60" TV.

A2 - Pocket Studio

Studio | 1 Bath | 465 sq. ft.